Refunds & Cancellations

Our flowers are responsibly sourced, sustainably processed & properly cared for by us, for others to enjoy. We design every order with intention, care and our signature aesthetic. We want you to love your flowers just as much as we do! That's our word and most important goal in our flower journey.

Refund Policy:

We only offer refunds if, by chance, the quality is not up to par or if an order was damaged during delivery. However, once an order leaves our hands at pick up or delivery, we are no longer responsible. We work very hard to ensure fresh, fun flowers & stand by that!

If there are any quality issues with your order, please shoot us an e-mail within 24 hours of receiving so we can find a resolution.

Due to the nature of our studio & our design process, "not liking" the flowers does not equal a refund. To avoid this, please list any specific requests for your order during the checkout process. We are more than happy to accommodate if possible.

Cancellation Policy:

We accept cancellations with full refund 48 hours before the scheduled pick up or delivery day.

If you place a same day OR next day order, we begin the work as soon as we receive it! Because of this, same day & next day orders are not eligible for cancellation & refund.

No Show Policy:

If you order for studio pick up, you must enter a date & time for pick up. If you don't show, we will call & e-mail you as a reminder & to reschedule, if needed. We do not give refunds for any flowers that are not picked up. Flowers have feelings, too...they've worked very hard to make it to our studio - please be prompt and don't abandon them. <3