Wholesale cut flowers are available for Hudson Valley and New York City florists/floral designers! The 2024 season will begin in June and end in October (weather permitting). As a florist entering their first year of flower farming, I'm very excited to get this season going and provide you with unique, quality, chemical-free flowers grown with so much love and care, right here in my field. Join me!

Flower Farming Ethics

A little bit about my flower farming ethics: I most definitely work triple-time to keep my small (but very mighty) flower farm sustainable, regenerative, and eco-friendly. My husband calls me "Greta Thunberg Jr." and I take it with pride! I practice no-till farming, use zero chemicals, and use minimal plastic over the course of a season (no landscape fabric, no synthetic material, etc.). I put the "extra" work in because I want to grow beautiful, desirable flowers (that you won't find at the wholesale markets) while also giving back to the eco-system that works tirelessly to make it all happen. The cycle of the seasons is an amazing thing...I want to be a part of the loop, not the end of it.

I also really, really love locally and responsibly grown flowers (as most of you know). To be able to grow them from seed and share the blooms with my fellow designers is an opportunity I never thought possible. It is an absolute privilege to be in this position and experience the industry shift from harmful floristry to sustainable, eco-friendly floral design. Thank you for your support in this flower-farming dream of mine and for supporting all the small, regional flower farms!

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