Our Story

Hi there!

My name is Jenny (middle picture, harvesting the sedum in our garden!), owner of Field Trip Flowers. I'm so happy you're here! There are so many little stories behind the birth of the shop but I'm going to keep this short for ya (or else it could get very long-winded!).

In the fall of 2020, after co-owning a coffee/flower shop for several years, I decided to start Field Trip Flowers as my solo project. I knew I wanted an inviting & inspiring space where everyone felt welcomed (kind of like a field trip minus the permission slip) to shop for flowers. Nothing over the top...just a cool, little store with accessible flowers, extra space for processing/design & a colorful cutting garden in the front. After several months of brainstorming, sourcing, building (fun fact: most of the decor was either found & fixed or built by hand), & preparing, Field Trip Flowers opened in December, 2020 (even a global pandemic couldn't stop this passion!). I'm forever grateful for the hardworking hands (see my bestie in the picture above, harvesting the amaranth) that helped me & still do today - love ya'll.

We have been sustainably flowering New York City (sometimes beyond) everyday since...so proud to say that! My design is inspired by lush cutting gardens, flower fields & fluffy baby bunnies that finally come out in the springtime.

I can't wait to continue this journey as it's such a pleasure to share my love of flowers with you. Don't forget to admire all the beautiful gardens in Brooklyn - it's really patient work & they get better & better every year!

Stay blessed, my friends!

What's inside?

- fresh flowers by the stem (our selection rotates almost daily)

- naturally dried flowers by the stem

- dried bundles of lavender, grasses, eucalyptus, etc.

- 'grab & go' fresh bouquets of varying sizes

- hardware, vases, planters, shears, etc.

- greeting cards, chocolates, candles, totes etc. made by us & other woman-owned businesses

- my dog only visits during off hours :-)