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Field Trip Flowers is an eco-friendly floral studio based in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Our studio offers responsibly sourced, seasonal flowers for daily delivery, floral subscriptions, full service weddings, and intimate gatherings - flowering New York City, Hudson Valley region, and beyond. We can't wait to flower for you!

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Welcome to Field Trip Flowers, your destination for seasonal, garden-style floral arrangements in Monroe, NY. As the leading Monroe florist, we take pride in our commitment to transforming your special moments into unforgettable experiences through the language of American grown flowers. Our passion for floral artistry and dedication to exceptional customer service set us apart as the go-to florist in Monroe, NY. Our responsibly sourced, seasonally curated, and sustainably designed blooms are perfect for daily flower deliveries, floral subscriptions, and crafting unforgettable moments for weddings and gatherings. Whether you're celebrating a joyous occasion or expressing your sentiments in times of sympathy, Field Trip Flowers is your trusted florist for all your floral needs.

Ordering Flowers in Monroe, NY

Experience the charm of locally and American-grown flowers with our responsibly sourced, seasonally curated, and sustainably designed blooms. Place an order for flower delivery, or you can pick up your arrangement at our studio in person. Each bouquet is arranged with intention and delivered with care, ensuring your flowers are not only beautiful but also a reflection of the region and our commitment to sustainability.

Monroe Floral Subscriptions

Embrace the seasons with our flower subscriptions, available all year and delivered right to your door in Monroe. Our flexible, farm-to-vase floral subscriptions bring you the best of what's in season, providing a continuous source of joy and beauty throughout the year. Subscribe today and experience the convenience and delight of receiving locally and American-grown flowers regularly.

Daily Flowers

Seasonal Flowers for Your Special Moments 

Whether you're planning a wedding, a large gathering, or an intimate event, Field Trip Flowers specializes in farm-to-vase floral design that reflects the natural beauty of the seasons. Our designs are filled with intention, inspired by local farms, and crafted to elevate your vision and your event. From New York City to the Hudson Valley region, our 'Farm-to-Vase Events' packages bring the magic of American-grown flowers to every corner without the contracts and heavy minimums.

Meet Your Monroe Florist: Jenny Hauser

I'm Jenny Hauser, the owner and lead designer at Field Trip Flowers. My love for flowers and dedication to sustainable floristry are the driving forces behind our floral studio. I believe in the magic of locally grown flowers and am committed to ensuring your floral experience is not just beautiful but also environmentally conscious. Learn more about the journey that led to the creation of Field Trip Flowers and our commitment to being your trusted Monroe florist.

Blooms Inspired by Nature, Crafted with Intention

At Field Trip Flowers, we take pride in sourcing the majority of our blooms from domestic and local flower farms, ensuring that each arrangement is not just a display of nature's beauty but a celebration of sustainable floristry. Our seasonal and ever-changing floral inventory is carefully curated, offering you a unique and delightful experience for various occasions.

Blooming in Monroe and Beyond

Our team here at Field Trip Flowers is delighted to extend our services to Monroe and the surrounding areas in upstate New York. Our eco-friendly floral studio is dedicated to providing responsibly sourced, seasonal flowers for daily delivery, floral subscriptions, full-service weddings, and intimate gatherings. Let us bring the magic of seasonality and sustainable floristry to Monroe, NY, the Hudson Valley region, and beyond. We can't wait to flower for you!

Looking for a Florist in Monroe, NY? Look No Further Than Field Trip Flowers

We invite all of our friends and neighbors in and around Monroe, NY, to embrace sustainable floral beauty and join us in our commitment to environmental responsibility. Explore our selection of daily flowers, sourced and designed with love and care, to brighten your everyday moments. Consider signing up for our flower subscription service, ensuring a continuous flow of nature's wonders into your life. For those planning special events, from weddings to corporate gatherings, we extend an invitation to connect with us. Let us curate enchanting arrangements that pair seasonality with your vision!

Place your order today and experience the beauty of Field Trip Flowers, your trusted Monroe florist.

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What sets Field Trip Flowers apart from other florists in Monroe, NY?

Field Trip Flowers stands out for its commitment to responsibly sourced, seasonally curated, and sustainably designed blooms. Our focus on farm-to-vase floral design, dedication to zero waste, and love for American-grown flowers distinguish us as your premier Monroe florist.

Can I customize my floral arrangement for a Monroe event or delivery?

Absolutely! We offer full-service floral design to ensure your arrangement suits your specific preferences and the theme of your event. For everyday, Monroe flower delivery, you can choose from our current offerings and selected color palettes.

How can I place an order for Monroe flower delivery or pick up?

Placing an order is easy! Simply visit our website and explore our collection. You can choose Monroe flower delivery during the ordering process or opt for pick up at our studio. We're here to make the process seamless for you.

Can I schedule recurring deliveries for Monroe flower orders, or is it a one-time service?

Absolutely! We offer both one-time Monroe flower deliveries and recurring deliveries. Our floral subscriptions allow you to receive fresh, seasonal blooms regularly, bringing the beauty of each season to your doorstep.

What types of flowers are typically included in your seasonal inventory for Monroe deliveries?

Our seasonal inventory for Monroe deliveries features a variety of flowers based on what is locally and seasonally available. From vibrant summer blooms to cozy winter florals, each arrangement reflects the unique beauty of the current season.

Are there any add-on options available for Monroe flower orders, such as vases or gift cards?

Yes, we offer various add-on options for Monroe flower orders, including our signature candles and greeting cards.