Flower Care

Field Trip Flowers is a floral design studio located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Field Trip Flowers feels like the name itself - that memorable day of discovery you had when you were just a kid; a chance to explore and appreciate new surroundings; an escape from the mundanity of daily life and a breath of fresh air to lift your spirits. To go on a field trip - a needed pause in the everyday routine. Our seasonal designs feel like a wild step away from familiarity to refresh your home, your event, and your everyday life. 

A sustainable approach to flowers for every budget.

Hi! I’m Jenny Hauser, the owner and creator behind our studio. I’m a firm believer that beautiful, responsibly grown flowers shouldn’t be out of reach. I was attracted to the floral industry organically - after opening and co-owning Bohaus, a coffee and flower shop in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. I opened Bohaus with a florist friend but found myself curious and fascinated by the floral side of it, learning first by observing and then getting hands-on with the flowers. When we closed the shop, it was the flowers, not the coffee, that I was determined to take into my next solo venture. I had a vision for a studio that would connect fresh, farm flowers to people all over the busy city at affordable price points.

Compassion-led design and flowers for all.

I never want Field Trip Flowers to be a high-end, inaccessible florist, but instead, I want to source flowers and design arrangements that people with all budgets can experience and appreciate . I source most of our flowers from domestic growers, focusing on smaller farms who are often local or overlooked by distributors. I love working closely with the farmers and scouring the markets myself, selecting in-season blooms that I can say, with confidence, will have beauty, endurance and lots of life. I create arrangements based on seasonal availability and our client’s needs, all while keeping true to sustainable design. We use only nontoxic, reusable mechanics, 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and compost pounds of floral scraps every week. I am constantly thinking about minimizing materials and closing the loop on floral waste. I take pride in connecting our clients with eco-friendly, farm-to-vase flowers, designed and delivered responsibly. We should always enjoy nature while considering and taking care of Mother Earth. I could go on a long tangent here but this is truly what inspires me each day.

A growing, maternal inspiration.

Field Trip Flowers was inspired by a distinct memory that I have of a sunny day spent with my mother at the Baltimore Zoo. I was in fourth grade and we were on a field trip, my mom was one of the chaperones. She worked a lot so she didn’t get this opportunity often. It was a break in our daily routine, something new, something very special to me. I felt curious and proud and loved all at the same time. My mom passed in 2016 but I will cherish this memory - she is with me everyday and lives on through my studio and my daughter, Juniper. As my daughter grows into her own person, I can only hope she feels just as curious, proud, and loved as I did on that day at the zoo. I dream of Juniper becoming interested about what I do and exploring within the studio.

I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with my fiancé Kevin, our daughter Junie, our dog Uschi, and cat Kurbis. When I’m not “doing flowers”, you can find me baking treats, cheering on the Mets, going for a run, or playing in the park with Junie. My favorite flower is the stargazer lily for their resilience and bold, nonconformist shape. I have an affinity for too-ripe bananas, black iced coffee, urban gardens and taking my daughter on “field trips” (our favorite spot being the petting farm in Flushing Meadows, Queens).